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Earth Bending
Basic Earthbending
Rank: Beginner

Earthbending is one of the four elemental Bending Arts, the geokinetic ability to manipulate earth and rock, in all its various forms. It is used by people of the Earth Kingdom.

Earth is the element of substance, making Earthbenders and their people in general proud, persistent and enduring. The first Earthbenders, Oma and Shu, learned their art from the Badgermoles.

The key to Earthbending is neutral jing, which involves waiting and listening for the right moment to strike, and when that moment comes, acting decisively. In other words, Earthbenders generally endure their enemies' attacks until the right opportunity to counterattack reveals itself, then strike with unyielding force.

Metal Bending
Rank: Professional

Metalbending is a ferrokinetic sub-skill of Earthbending developed by Toph. Most Earthbenders are unable to affect processed metals. Usually, the trace amount of earth still present in metal is so minuscule that it goes undetected even to the best Earthbenders, lending to its use in detaining Earthbenders. However, due to her ability to "see" earth, Toph is able to locate the small fragments of earth in metal, target them, and utilize them to "bend" the metal portion, although, in the beginning, she was not able to bend metal with the same power or ease seen in normal Earthbending.

You must learn Metal Bending from Toph Bei Fong.

Sand Bending
Rank: Professional

Sand Bending is the manipulation of sand. Sand Bending is a sub-element of Earth Bending. Sandbenders may control sand, harden it, and even kill with it. Don't go against them in a desert. xD

Water Bending
Basic Waterbening
Rank: Beginner

Waterbending is one of the four elemental Bending Arts, the hydrokinetic ability to control water, as well as its many forms. The people of the Water Tribe utilize this type of bending. In turn, the Water Tribes are divided up in to the Southern Water Tribe, the Northern Water Tribe, and the lesser known Foggy Swamp Tribe.

Water is the element of change. The moon is the source of power in Waterbending, and the original Waterbenders learned from the moon by observing how the moon pushed and pulled the tides. The Water Tribes are the only people to not learn Bending from an animal. The fighting style of Waterbending is mostly flowing and graceful; acting in concert with their environment. However, Foggy Swamp Style Waterbending is more rigid and straight - probably in concert with the often stagnant nature of the water in their swamp. Waterbenders deal with the flow of energy, they let their defense become their offense, turning their opponents own forces against them.

Rank: Skilled

Icebending is like Waterbending, but is the manipulation of Ice instead of Water. Icebenders can turn ice into water, or water into Ice as well as manipulate it.

Rank: Professional

Since the human body is roughly 70% water, Bloodbending does not necessarily bend blood, but the fluids in one’s body, allowing the user to manipulate a body's muscles to move as they wish or to stop movement completely. This technique is very similar to Plantbending, but instead controls animals and humans instead of plants. Potentially, a Bloodbender could do a number of other things to the water in a person's body, such as stop a victim's heart or crush his/her internal organs; pressurize, boil, or cool the water to kill their opponent; or even completely extract the fluids from one's body imitating the technique used with plants, though this has not been stated. The technique is so advanced that Hama could only use it under the full moon. In the Southern Raiders, it is unclear whether Katara uses Bloodbending without a full moon. The full moon is shown earlier in the episode, but it is possible that the moon phase changed for the night that Katara actually uses Bloodbending, since it is a different night; it should also be noted that moon phases do not change quickly, so it is entirely possible that the moon was full when Katara used this technique.

Rank: Great

A member of the Foggy Swamp Tribe has illustrated that talented Waterbenders can manipulate plant life--from the highly water-saturated vines and roots found within the swamp lands and seaweed from the ocean floor--they can even rapidly regenerate the plant mass of the plants they bend (since the cell tissues of a plant is more versatile than the cell tissues of an animal--and why Bloodbending can only be achieved on the nights of the full moon; see below), all by bending the ample amount of water within them just as they can with watery mud.

Fire Bending
Basic Firebending
Rank: Beginner

Firebending is one of the four elemental Bending Arts, which utilizes the pyrokinetic ability to create and control fire. The people of the Fire Nation, and the lesser known Sun Warrior Tribe, practice this type of bending.

Fire is the element of power, consisting of overpowering force tempered by the unflinching will to accomplish tasks and desires. However, the recently militaristic Fire Nation have twisted this into Firebending being fueled by rage, hate and anger. Firebending draws its power from the sun, and the first Firebenders learned their techniques from the dragons.

Firebending is notable for its intensive attacking style and general lack of adequate defense moves, although some notable Firebenders can create defensive moves. For example, Jeong Jeong can create fire walls, and Zuko can easily block and shoot down incoming objects.

Lightning Bending
Rank: Professional

Also known as "the cold-blooded fire", certain powerful Firebenders are able to generate and manipulate lightning. Lightning generation is the ability to generate and direct lightning. It requires a complete absence of emotion and peace of mind. Only three Firebenders in the series have shown the ability to use it: Azula, Iroh and Fire Lord Ozai.

Iroh, in a technique developed after observing the energy re-directing techniques of Waterbending, is able to redirect the course of lightning strikes by absorbing it through one arm, guiding it through his stomach, and out his other arm. Only he, Aang, and Zuko have shown the ability to redirect lightning.

Iroh is the only known Firebender to perform both techniques.

Magma Bending
Rank: Lord

Avatar-level Firebenders are able to bend lava and magma, although not with the same ease with which Waterbenders bend water, and even cause dormant volcanoes to erupt at will. This ability contrasts sharply with other types of Firebending, as lava and magma are superheated physical substances, rather than a chemical reaction.

Air Bending
Basic Airbending
Rank: Beginner

Airbending is one of the four elemental bending arts, the aerokinetic ability to control and manipulate currents of air. The peaceful Air Nomads utilized this type of bending in their everyday lives.

Air is the element of freedom. Airbenders continually sought spiritual enlightenment, the result being that all Air Nomads are benders. The first Airbenders learned from the Sky Bison.

The key to Airbending is flexibility, finding and following the path of least resistance. Airbending is notable for being almost entirely defensive, however it is reputed to be the most dynamic of the four bending arts. Airbenders can overwhelm many opponents at once with large and powerful attacks that could prove fatal; however due to the pacifist nature of the Air Nomads such attacks are rarely used.

Sound Bending
Rank: Professional

A Professional Airbending may manipulate sound waves and send them flying at opponents. These Sound Waves possess the ability to deafen those whom they hit, however a skilled Airbender may use them with even greater destructive force then normal Airbending.

Smoke Bending
Rank: Expert

Smoke bending is not as much the manipulation of Smoke, but the ability to use Airbending to easily direct it in different directions. A skilled Airbender can use it to blind people temporarily, choke people, or even stop another Airbender from clearing it.

Shadow Bending
The manipulation of Shadows
Rank: Professional

Shadow Bending is the manipulation of shadows and, for skilled users, darkness. Shadow Bending is a Bending art created by Energybender, Kain. Only three people know this technique so far. Shadow Bending can be used to create dopplegangers from shadows, manipulate shadows to create weapons, or use it to attack.

Darkness Bending
Rank: Lord

While Shadow bending simply uses the shadows already created, a skilled Darkness bender can bend the darkness that is created at night. A master Darkbender can even create darkness.

Energy Bending
Advanced Energybending
Rank: Superhuman

Energybending is the ability to bend life energy. It predates the main four bending arts, as well as the arrival of the Avatar and the formation of the Four Nations.

Before the arrival of the Avatar into the world, and the separation of the four elements, people bent the energy within themselves. They discovered the other four bending arts, and over time knowledge of Energybending was almost completely lost. The last known keeper of the art was an ancient Lion Turtle, who later passed it down to Avatar Aang, who used it to remove Ozai's Firebending forever.

The capabilities of Energybending are not well understood; what is known is that bending a person's life energy can impart them with knowledge instantly or remove one's bending completely. This bending art is dissimilar to the others because it is so perilous to the user, which is why so few have ever used it.

So far only two Energybenders exist: Kain and the Lion Turtle.
Light Bending
Rank: Beginners

Light Bending is the ability to bend light.

Azula Please Edit past this bit.
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