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 Apollo's Toys

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PostSubject: Apollo's Toys   Apollo's Toys EmptyWed Jul 14, 2010 1:55 am

Name: Sun Palms
Type of Weapon: Gloves
Appearance: The red gloves he wears have the tops of large dimonds in the palms of both hands. The sides are cut while the center is flat. Thes dimonds gather pure sun light, and can store it withing the rock, or redirect the light.
Element: Light
Ability: Can store and redirect light, even focusing it into powerful beams
Description: Red gloves made of clothe and cut dimond
Weakness: not enough sunlight stored in them.
Drawbacks: Limited use at night or in dark places. Ie in doors or underground

Name: Eyes of Truth
Type of Weapon: Goggles
Appearance: Goggle he has in his picture, Not profile pic. Pic in character profile.
Element: Light
Ability:The len's, along with his light bending, can use any avalible light to inhab=nce his sight, making them binoculars and allowing him to see great deatil. He can also store light inside the len's and use them to see at night. This makes the len's glow faintly but not much, the glow is a dim blueish color and usually scares the crap out of people becase there are 4 eyes.
Description: goggles that cover most of the face and has 4 eyes, made of crystal.
Weakness: -
Drawbacks: These too need to gather sunlight to function other then simple goggles.

Name: Bow of Purity
Type of Weapon: Bow
Appearance:It's a deep brown long bow made of smooth strong wood.
Element: Light
Ability: Apollo carries no arrows but makes arrows out of light and shoots them with amazing accuracy. He can change the direction of the arrows slightly but it can be tricky because they move faster then regular arrows for they are made of solid light, however they do not mive at the speed of light
Description: A long Bow
Weakness: Close Range
Drawbacks: It still has a regular string that has to be changed fequently because the light tends to burn in.

Name Stones of Truth
Type of Weapon: Crystals
Appearance: They are palm sized crystals that emit a faint glow
Element: Light
Ability: They are crystals that glow and can be charged with sunligh which Apollo can use that light. Mobile light batteries if you will. He has many of these in his back pouch
Forms of Use: Provide light in places where there is non
Weakness: They need sunlight to charge
Drawbacks: They need to be charged in sunlight

Name: Blade of Forgotten Light
Type of Weapon: Katana
Appearance: Like a Katana with a red and black hilt, and a small sliver of crystal through the blade that emits a soft glow.
Element: Sword
Ability: Can speak to Apollo giving him Knowledge
Description:Strong metal and a sliver of crystal. Light crystals are woven into the blade making it very sturdy. A Katana with a long sharp blade with a special strip of crystal fused in it. This crystal emits a soft glow and hum of power. Apollo isn't an expert swordsman but he's no slouch. The real reason he has the blade, aside from makeing his job easier, is because of what inhabits the crystal in the blade. A dragon of light has taken refuge in it. it looks like http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif but seldom comes from the blade. It more commonly slpeaks to the user, directly into the users mind. It tells secrets of light and passes on it's knowlege to Apollo as an advisor. It can hear and understand any language spoken near it and never forgets.
Weakness: It's close Range
Drawbacks: no good against distance except for to block. It is a regular sword that talk to him.

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PostSubject: Re: Apollo's Toys   Apollo's Toys EmptyWed Jul 14, 2010 3:32 pm

Approved. Smile btw the that talk to him must be him only
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Apollo's Toys
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