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 [13+]Tyzula Week 1 - Prompt : Dr. Ty Lee

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[13+]Tyzula Week 1 - Prompt : Dr. Ty Lee Empty
PostSubject: [13+]Tyzula Week 1 - Prompt : Dr. Ty Lee   [13+]Tyzula Week 1 - Prompt : Dr. Ty Lee EmptyWed Jul 14, 2010 2:31 am

Tyzula Week, Day 1 - Prompt : Dr. Ty Lee

Ty Lee slowly walked up the stairs of the Mental Health Facility where Azula was being kept. She was dressed in the pink clothes she wore in the circus, and when traveling with Azula and Mai, instead of her Kyoshi warrior's uniform: She figured it was better this way. The young acrobat stopped just before the highest floor, where Azula was being kept, and bit her lip. Finally she took a deep breath and finished walked up the steps, onto the floor.

On the floor was a group of guards talking. One guard nodded at her, a gesture of greeting, to which the other guards noticed her. Ty Lee held up her hand to signal that it was okay, and they returned to their discussion. Ty Lee wasn't sure what they were talking about, but she caught the words "sedative" and "Bending" once.

Ignoring the guards she had passed, Ty Lee walked down the dark, gloomy hallway. Up ahead she could see four guards standing outside a cold steel door, and Ty Lee grimaced. 'So much security... is that really nessisary?" She thought, as she walked. To her right were two nurses. They noticed her and smiled. "Here's Ty Lee. Right on time." Whispered one of them. The other one nodded. "Doctor Ty lee." She joked back. The other nurse looked over at the other. "I've noticed... Azula always seems happier on days when Ty Lee visits." She whispered, a bit louder. The other nurse nodded again, and Ty Lee felt herself swell with happiness at that fact.

Ty Lee reached the large door, and nodded to the guards, who stepped out of the way. Except one, who pulled out a key and slipped it into the keyhole. There was a loud "Ka-Chunk" and the guard took they key back out and stepped back. Ty Lee opened the door slightly before slipping in, closing the door softly behind her.

Ty Lee immediately shivered. The room was freezing. The walls were steel, and the floor was cold stone. There was a bed, however, and a table with a few chairs. But that was about it. A window faced the north side of the room, but bars covered it. 'Just the kind of place you'd want to call home...' Ty Lee thought, surveying the room. Then Ty Lee spotted Azula sitting on the bed, facing the window. Ty Lee smiled, and walked over to the bed, sitting down next to Azula.

"Hey." Ty Lee said, softly. They first thing she noticed was that Azula's hair was down. Ty Lee didn't tell her, but she secretly liked it that way. She wore a loose red robe: Standard Mental Ward wear.

Since Azula didn't respond, Ty Lee spoke again. "How are you?" She asked, wrapping an arm around Azula's waist. Azula rested her head on Ty Lee's shoulder and looked at her with her gold eyes. Ty Lee bit her lip, and bit back the urge to cry at the same time. Those once firey eyes were now blank and lifeless. Ty Lee smiled slightly though as Azula spoke. "Not bad. How about you?" Her voice came out in no more then a whisper, but it was better then the first time Ty Lee had visited Azula, when the Princess had screamed at her until her throat bled, whilst chained to the wall. At least now Azula was calmer.

Ty Lee stroked Azula's hair softly. "I'm good." She said, smiling. Azula smiled softly. "You usually are." She whispered. Ty Lee blinked. Azula had never smiled since she had been transferred here. Ty Lee could feel her eyes welling up, and she looked away, brushing the tears out of her eyes before turning back to Azula. "Yep!" She chirped, grinning widely. Azula smiled again, before closing her eyes and resting more comfortably on Ty Lee's shoulder.

"Ty Lee..." She whispered, even more softly. Ty Lee looked down at Azula. "Mhmm?" Ty Lee asked, stroking the back of Azula's head. "Thanks for coming here." Murmmered Azula, sleepily. Ty Lee smiled. "Yeah... your welcome." Ty Lee whispered, resting her head on Azula's head.

Ty Lee smiled and pulled Azula onto her lap. "I love you..." Azula whispered. Ty Lee bit her lip as a few tears threatened to fall. "I love you too..." She whispered, as Azula silently fell asleep.

And Ty Lee would continue loving Azula. She would continue visitingher, and healing her.

After all... She was "Doctor Ty Lee".
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[13+]Tyzula Week 1 - Prompt : Dr. Ty Lee
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