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 Avatar Artemis!!! :)

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Avatar Artemis
Avatar Artemis

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Avatar Artemis!!! :) Empty
PostSubject: Avatar Artemis!!! :)   Avatar Artemis!!! :) EmptyWed Jul 14, 2010 6:27 pm

Character Name: Artemis Sensu (The Avatar)
(Just Call me Artemis)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

* Picture: Avatar pic. Smile also [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Height: 5'7''

Description: Below plus: Artemis is naturaly curvey. She is short in height but she is built. Her body is defined from her arms, while still looking girlie, to her stomach which is quite remarkable. Not quiet chiseled but for a girl very befitting. He has amazingly defind legs and calves as well as a , rather round backside with nice hips. She can move very gracefully and quick and is very flexible. She has long (mid back) purple hair which is usually tied and deep blue eyes like her brother Apollo.

Clothes: Artemis Has long purple hair which is usually tied in a pony tail with a golden ribbion. He Is often seen in one of wo outfits. The one usually seen is in her profile picture. It is a black body suit that hugs her body. It appears to be just cloth, however woven into the fabric is a very strong metal which makes it very durable. Her clothing is also fire proof. Although her suit may appear to be tight (it is) she is still able to move very easily and can preform complex gymnastics without thinking twice. She normally has 2 pouches that ride on her belt between her rump and lower back. These pouches contain a number of tools and items she uses such as knives and lock picks, wires, along with some girlier items. She also wears gloves on both hands. Unlike the gloves in the picture the fingers of her gloves are not cut off. The gloves are made of the same matirial the suit is and they too are fire proof. Finally she has a medium sized cantin on both hips. They are never without water which is held in by simple wooden corks.
Her Second out fit is in the link above. she is seen in this at night when she is resting. Here her hair is usually untied and waves against her back. She will wear this only in areas where she feels safe. a simple silk night gown, and a golden arm band given to her by her mother. The gown hugs her body tightly but like the suit she can move fluidly in it. She may appear defenceless in this dress however think twice because she always has a blade on her, weather it be strapped to he thigh or hidden else where

Personality:: Artemis can be very impulsive at times but is usually caring and thinks things through. She doesn't usually do anything without having a plan although being spontanious gives her a rush. It's like a drug to her and she loves the feeling of being bad at times. Thats one of the reasons she steals and breaks into things. She tries to act as though she doesn't care about much when truth be told she cares about alot. She has a deep passion for traveling and exploing new lands as well as meeting new people and learning new things. She is very open but can be very stubburon and optinionated. Whe she meets new people she may act shy at first or maybe even mean. But thats because she dosen't like letting others close. Then it is harder to leave them or worse when they leave her. If she feels srtongly for someone then she may try to push them away or will not want to leave thier side. As long as she is there to look out for them they will be okay. She hates boys trying to think they can swon her and show off and think she will love them. She prefers a guy who will talk to her like she is a person, repesct her optinion, and not show off but when the time comes will show how strong he is by protecting those he holds dear. That to her is the true colors of a man. His actions and those he holds dear. Otherwise she is normally happy and sarcastic, but likes to try and lighten the mood.

Nation: Water Nation

Character Type: The Avatar

Character Rank: Great

Character Side: The Avatar, So I guess Toph

Element: Waterbending

*** History: She never knew her father, but her mother made up for it. She was always there for Artemis and her brother. Her mother took care of their every need as best she could. It was hard though. Her family grew up poor and the always had very little. Artemis and her twin brother Apollo always plyed together, carefree, untill a gang of thugs cam to thier house when they were 13. He told their mother that if she wanted to keep her family safe she would pay them a large amount of money for "property prtection". Her mother could not pay. She worked two jobs and could barely get by providing for her family. So The thugs took her away to be their slave, leaving the two childern. Appolo was so angery he rushed after the thugs. Artemis was to scared to move. She creied all day and all night, hoping they would come back. Finally a day later Apollo braught their mother back. She was sightly beaten but okay! Apollo on the other hand hand serious cut and wounds that looked life threatening. This is when her water bending formed. She called on the water and was able to heal all his wounds completely.They lived happy for another 2 years and then Artemis grew anxious. She had to get out into the world and learn more waterbending! So she left. Hoping to see her family once more. She soon found herself in the Northen Water Tribe. She decided it was time to recieve formal training and found one of the great masters who, upon watching her bend water, took her in recognizing her outstanding natural ability. She learned very quickly and even beat her master instructor on multiplw occassions with her fluidity in waterbending and useing ice. One day, while in practice, her eyes began to glow and a light decended from the sky and caught her lifting her slightly off the ground. Then it exploded in a gush of warm air throwing everybody and everything around her away. Her master and the other masters looked at her with shock. They then had a private meeting with her and explained that she had been chossen as the Avatar. She thought about this and decided to travel to learn the other elements. She is excited to begin he quest and hopefully do right by the world! Smile
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Energybender Kain
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Avatar Artemis!!! :) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Avatar Artemis!!! :)   Avatar Artemis!!! :) EmptyWed Jul 14, 2010 6:33 pm

ill let the description slide, approved! Very Happy

Owner and Administrator,

Whats going on inside of me?
I despise my own behavior
This only serves to confirm my suspicions
That Im still a man in need of a Savior

I wanna swim away but dont know how,
Sometimes it feels just like im falling in the ocean.
Let the waves up and take me down,
Let this hurricane set in motion.
Let the rain of what i feel right now come down,
Just let the rain come down.
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PostSubject: Re: Avatar Artemis!!! :)   Avatar Artemis!!! :) EmptyThu Jul 15, 2010 10:37 am

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PostSubject: Re: Avatar Artemis!!! :)   Avatar Artemis!!! :) Empty

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Avatar Artemis!!! :)
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