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 Tessen Hime

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PostSubject: Tessen Hime   Fri Jul 16, 2010 3:49 pm

Name: Tessen Hime
Type of Weapon: Fans
Appearance: Tessen Hime are beautifully crafted iron fans. They are used for fighting and are about a foot long each. Their edges are razor-sharp and excellent for cutting. Their ‘papered’ with red silk with bronze flowers on it.
Element: Fire
Ability: The fans, when moved, can enhance fire with even the slightest breeze, based only on the amount of fire present at first.
Description: Tessen Hime were crafted a century ago by one of the kyoshi warriors and were passed down to her daughter. They can be used to block attacks, cut, stab, throw and bludgeon. They were last held by Ming of the air nation before being given to her friend, Mareha.
Weakness: They are almost useless against an airbender.
Drawbacks: They are rather heavy and to wield them properly you must have good arm muscles to use them properly.
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Tessen Hime
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