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 Biography of Mareha, daughter of Chin Lee

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Biography of Mareha, daughter of Chin Lee Empty
PostSubject: Biography of Mareha, daughter of Chin Lee   Biography of Mareha, daughter of Chin Lee EmptyFri Jul 16, 2010 3:51 pm

Character Name: Mareha, daughter of Chin Lee

Age: 19

Gender: Female

* Picture: [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Description: Mareha is a tall and slender girl, standing at 5’7” or 5’8” and weighing about 125 pounds. She has long black hair that she normally wears up in a bun that she sticks two ornamental sticks through. Her eyes are large, almond-shaped and brown framed by thin black eyebrows and thick lashes. Her face is heart-shaped with a small pointed chin and high cheekbones. She has a curved nose and rosebud lips that balance out her features. Her skin is a creamy ivory color with a hint of gold in it and is blemished by only a few scars she has gotten, the most noticeable being a large one on her left hip-bone that slightly resembles the shape of a phoenix. She has a tattoo of a cat sitting in a lotus on the back of her left shoulder blade, a yin and yang symbol on the back of her neck, the tattoo of a white and black dove on her right bicep, and a flower with a fallen petal on the outside of her right ankle.

Clothes: Mareha normally wears a red embroidered kimono that cuts off at her upper thigh. It is a deep blood-red with bronze/gold embroidery of birds and cats. She wears a rust-colored obi that she has her Tessen tucked into, as well as small daggers. She wears geta that she also straps on her ankles and red/brown tights that cut off mid-calf. Under her kimono she wears thick bandages wrapped around her chest and her legs and pelvis. The bandages have a thin metal lining and can deflect most thrown weapons.

Personality:: Mareha is naturally an extrovert, enjoying the company of people. However due to her virtual isolation as a child she is more dysfunctional and enclosed. She is feircly protective of her friends and family, and views betrayal of them as the greatest offense. She has a rather dark sense of humor, and is quite sarcastic and snarky. She is an idealist with a cynical mask that she shows people.

Deep down however she is more sensitive and emotional. She keeps most of her emotions bottled up though, but under heavy stress is prone to cracking. She is distressed by cruelty to innocents (children and animals) but cares less for adults, who she views as causing their own problems. She has a fear of enclosed spaces and of helplessness.

Nation: Fire Nation

Character Type: Bender

Character Rank: Great

Character Side: For the moment, Neutral

Element: Fire with Heat bending sub

*** History: Mareha’s mother was a fire nation nobility, lady Chin Lee, her father an air nation monk. Her mother ran from the fire nation to go live with her husband, which proved prudent, seeing as no one thought her nobility and she was spared from the destruction of the other fire nation lords and ladies. She and her husband had three children, Mareha, Chang and Aang, the last named after the previous avatar. Both Chang and Aang were amazing airbenders, Mareha however wasn’t. In fact, she wasn’t even an airbender. She was a firebender, like her mother, and though no one could figure out why, she had never inherited her fathers airbending like she should have.
Mareha was, all in all, a freak of nature, and was treated accordingly. She became very enclosed, even though she was naturally an extrovert. Her mother trained her in fire bending and she spent most of her childhood training and studying. When she was 11 however she befriended Ming, an airbending girl who had been living on Kyoshi island. They were an excellent team, able to use their bending to enhance the others. When she was 15 however Ming was killed by Azula of the fire nation.
Mareha had no idea who had killed her, but she flew into a rage and almost killed three people who had been with Ming at the time. She was horrified at herself and fled the air nation, for her mothers homeland. There she became employed in a tea shop as a waitress in the royal city. She spend her next three years there working in the shop and living in the city. She soon became aware of her mothers former position in the fire nation, but instead felt even worse to be that associated with the people that killed her friend.
It was then that she became more aware of the increasing threat from the energybender known as Kain. Worried, she left the city to journey to an isolated area in the fire nation. It was there that she found the lion turtle after resting upon its shell, thinking it an island. She learned about energybending, though she could not do it, and after spending several months with the turtle, she decided to go find the energybender Kain and find out what he wanted.
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Biography of Mareha, daughter of Chin Lee Empty
PostSubject: Re: Biography of Mareha, daughter of Chin Lee   Biography of Mareha, daughter of Chin Lee EmptyFri Jul 16, 2010 3:59 pm

Approved. xD

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Biography of Mareha, daughter of Chin Lee
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