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 Riku Astaro

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Character Info

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PostSubject: Riku Astaro   Riku Astaro EmptyFri Jul 16, 2010 10:53 pm

Character Name: Riku Astaro

Age: 19

Gender: Male

* Picture: [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Description: Born with blonde hair and blue eyes into the Fire Nation, Riku did not resemble the proper son in the fire nation. He simply looked too different. Always smiling with his perfect smile, he brightened anyone's mood. His blonde hair is one of his trademark traits. It is flipped, possibley every few minutes for it constantly falls into his eyes, "blinding" him. His skin is a tan kind, but originally white, however his tan seems to be permanent.

Clothes: Riku wears a rather select style of clothing. He wears a bright yellow short sleeved shirt that is comfortable and flexible. Also, he has some sort of a metal torso guard over, that extends to his shoulder. From there, it slithers down his left arm, turning into an arm guard to prevent any sort of blow from that. It is metal, so it is very endurable. On his hands, he wears fingerless gloves. His right arm has a single fingerless glove, that is made of rubber, allowing him to be safe from lightning attacks.. His pants are normal pants that are torn. And finally, his shoes are just black combat style of boots.

Personality:: Riku is a rather determined person. If he has a goal, he will pursue it until death or until he accompishes it. However, he does not allow his determination to get ahead of himself or to take over his personality. He is a joking person as well as a serious person. He jokes to an extent though, knowing that he should not joke on(or about) royalty, for severe consequences tend to be the result.
In conversations, Riku is not known for his manners. He does not fool around with words such as "please, thank you" or any other formal words. Instead, his tone is a relaxed one, allowing himself to be a good conversationalist. Alongside his relaxing tone, he is quite fond of flirting and attempting to sway women off their feet. His intentions after that are...well, not appropriate for his age. ;o
In battle, Riku is a tactician with a hybrid style of fighting. He will easily go into a defensive position after an attack, or switch a defense to a counter attack to someone's attack. While always look for a way to use his surroundings against his opponents, he often finds these methods in the earth around him and his enemy. He will usually find some sort of weakness his opponent has, and use it against them.
He often ponders the thought of life and why he was born as the person he is. This forces him to sneak out of the palace and into the library, where he does all of his reading of nations and royalty. From these books, his intelligence is enhanced, which his why he thinks so much. He sneaks out of places he is normally at to go read.

Nation: Fire(Royal Guard)

Character Type: Bender

Character Rank: Whatever my app gets me

Character Side: Whatever the Fire Lord is on.

Element: Different Colored Fire

*** History:
Born as different as he is, Riku always was seperated from other kids. He didn't play with them, he didn't really talk to anyone. He was a quiet kid, which was why his parents were concerned for him. They asked a local doctor if he would take a look at him, and so he did. He found nothing wrong, besides that there were many colors on his arms. He asked young Riku what they were from and he replied that he colored on them. Riku had taken an obssesion with coloring. His father didn't really like this so he began to teach him firebending.
Riku was a natural at it, doing techniques that surpassed his mother's. Since both of his parents were firebenders, he obviously got an advantage. Eventually, he was better than his father. And so he began to teach himself. By doing so, he stumbled across a certain technique where he colored his fire different colors. The colors were just to dazzle people, not that they had any kind of surperior power. His color obssesion seemed to stick with him throughout the many years.
Finally, his parents passed away. Riku didn't really care, for they were always riding him and bugging him. Having nothing else to do in life, he joined the fire nation army. In the army, he quickly surpassed his peers in both weaponary, and bending. His generals felt as if his assorted fire color was an amazing ability. And because of his mad skillz, he was promoted. Not once, not twice, but many times. He was until he became a general. All of the promotions happened within a 5 year period. From thirteen, to eighteen. Now, he was promoted once more to being the royal guard of the Fire Lord herself. He remains at her side at all times and does not let anyone or anything get past his sight. His speed and strength are rather high due to his mass training allowing him to be fit for the job.
Since he just got promoted, now, he is on his way to meeting the fire lord and to protect her with his life.
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PostSubject: Re: Riku Astaro   Riku Astaro EmptySat Jul 17, 2010 12:11 am

Approved. You shall be... Skilled. xD

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Riku Astaro
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