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 Leaving For Adventure

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Avatar Artemis
Avatar Artemis

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Strolling throgh the city streets, Artemis admired the outstanding use of waterbending she saw throughout the city. She could clearly see how waterbending was used to help create this wonderful city that was full of wonder. She walked to the massive wall which served as the Northern Water Tibes defense. On the village side a small pool of water allows for boat and canoe storage. She walked up to a man here who was busy trying boats together. When he saw he he stopped what he was doing and his eyes grew wide with suprise and imidietly diverted his eyes bowing his head slightly. This was not unusual for Artemis anymore. It was because recently she was choosen as the Avatar. Everyone in the village acted in similar ways when she was around. She didn't like it one bit. For one the attention drove her crazy, she had no idea how to act or what to say anymore. On top of that all her actions and words were judged like she was suppose to say something amazing everythime she opened her mouth or preform miracilous feats everytime she moved. All her friends even began to treat her diffrently..She was ready to get away from it all.
Besides, she needed to learn the other elements! She looked forward to doing so. If they were hallf as much fun as waterbending she knew she'd love them all. So she approched the man who was now looking away from her. "Excuse me sir, I need a canoe. How much does one cost?". The man looked up at her with even more suprise mumbeling to himself, the avatar wants something from me??, "Umm ma'am you're money is no good here. Everything free for the avatar! Pick any canoe you'd like and I'll throw in this special travel pack, fully equiped, for free. You just be sure to save the world for me." He ended with a smile spread across his face and his eyes closed proud of himself for helping the Avatar. Artemis blushed, "Why thank you kind sir. I appriciate it very much." She selected a pack and a canoe, that looked like it was made of pure ice, but she knew it was only a speical white tree, and the boatman pushed her off tawords the massive wall made of ice and snow. Waterbenders took their stances, 2 on each side of the small canal, to open a hole through the thick wall for her. Artemis stood in her canoe, blancing perfectly and waved a hand with a smile on her face, motioning them t stand down. They looked at her with a bit of surpise but did as she indtuctiond, not wanting to disobey the Avatar herself. Artemis looked at the wall of ice and snow, then put both arms out in front of her together, then moving her arms simoltaniously in a fluid wave motion followed by pulling her arms apart holding her hands as if she were pulling somthing apart.
The wall reacted quickly, a fairly large circle formed as the snow and ice seemed to pull apart juts for her into a perfect tunnel all the way through the think wall. As she absently waved her right wrist to push the canoe along she reached the othside and turned around in her canoe repating her motion closing the tunnel she created. Then she turned and looked at the rising sun, still moving her wrist propelling her canoe along. She wondered what awaited her and what was happening in the world. If the avatar was really needed anymore. She would soon find out as she headed to the Earth Kingdom to find an earthbending master! The thought made a smile grow across her face and she waved both arms then quickly threw them behind her pulling a large amount of water in the ocean under her and then launching her forward on a huge wave traveling at great speed. The Avatar was traveling to the Earth Nation, and to anyone watching she appered to be in a canoe, ontop of a massive whale made of flowing water moving very fast.
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Leaving For Adventure
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