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 Kinai (sorry i was in hurry because i got to get off soon)

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PostSubject: Kinai (sorry i was in hurry because i got to get off soon)   Fri Jul 23, 2010 5:13 pm

Character Name: Kinai

Age: 15


* Picture:


Kinai is about 5'7, weighing at about 135 lbs.

Wears a green longsleeve robe type thing. Tannish color baggy pants. Straw hat and tattos of a emerald earth dragon going over his body and arms. a metal plate over his left shoulder just as in picture.
Kinai is very calm mided and cool headed. Sometimes he might seem as a loner but once you get to know him he will protect you with his life. He is very noble. he never cheap shots someone unless he has too. Very courageous, he doesnt take crap from anyone but when he fights he is very strategic he thinks on how he can use his surroundings to his advantage.
Nation: Earth

Character Type: bender

Character Rank: High class fugitive

Character Side: neutral

Element: earth

*** History:
Kinai was born into the Royal blood of the Earth Nation but when he was just a kid a group of bandits kidnapped him for randsom but he ended up escaping. He has lived on his own his whole life. where he has lived most of his life in the forest he is an excellent earth bender mainly because he understands the way of the forest and the ground and he doesnt have to exert hardly any force to bend earth. by the time he was 13 he was entering earth bending duals to get money to pay for his food and it seems like everyday he seems more like an adult even tho he is only 15 as of now.
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Kinai (sorry i was in hurry because i got to get off soon)
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