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 My MS Paint Creations

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My MS Paint Creations Empty
PostSubject: My MS Paint Creations   My MS Paint Creations EmptySat Jul 10, 2010 4:08 pm

[color=#990000]Here are some of the creations I have made with MS Paint. Very Happy

My MS Paint Creations ?ui=2&ik=622af814ae&view=att&th=129ab58c47c08dac&attid=0
Name Gargon
Type: Darkness
Pokemon Used: Nidoqueen's body, Krabby's claws, Aerodaktyl and Charizard's wings, Glalie's eye, Armaldo's legs, Gyarados's mouth, Garchomp's tail, Scratched chest segaments, and custom palette.

My and my friend Alex made that one together, taking turns putting pats on it. I did the wings, mouth, tail, chest segaments, and palette.

My MS Paint Creations Elegon
Name: Elegon
Type: Psychic/Flying
Pokemon Used: Flygon's body, Electabuzz's head, Flyogn's eyes, Vibrava's wings, and custom palette.

That was a challange that Alex dared me to do. T>T It doesn't look very good. T>T

My MS Paint Creations Awesomef
Name: Vebrena
Type: Psychic/Dark
Pokemon Used: Umbreon's body, Mightyena's fur, Mightyena's legs, Mightyena's ears, Venonat's colors and a tuft of fur from Venonat.

I didn't want this one to be crouching like Mightyena, so using Umbreon's body I attatched tufts of fur manually, and the legs. xD The result was Vebrena

More will be added later

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My MS Paint Creations
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