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 FF Rules

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PostSubject: FF Rules   FF Rules EmptySun Aug 08, 2010 5:26 pm

Okay, with FanFiction comes relationships, anger and stuff like that. So I thought it would be better to introduce an age rate system.
On the topic title, it must have [XX+] (look below for XX)
XX =

13 - Violence, Hand-holding, romantic embraces, flirting and brief kisses on the cheek or the lips are okay but nothing beyond that.
16 - Very Violent, Killing (in detail), Romance up to anything above + snogging but no sexual touching or explicit bedroom scenes.
18 - All the above, any romance, sexual intercourse snogging etc.

So If i had a violent story, i would put [13+]TITLE

If your FanFic doesnt have an age rating we will ask you to put one on, if it is innapropriate we will change it.

You may have as much violence detail sexual acitivity etc. as you want as long as you rate it properly.

You may post:
Gays, Lesbians or Bisexuals in your FanFic because they are real life.
You may not post racist/sexual comments in your FanFic
You may post in every language with a translation in a spoiler

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FF Rules
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