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 Escaping to the Earth Nation (Traveling Topic)

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PostSubject: Escaping to the Earth Nation (Traveling Topic)   Thu Jul 15, 2010 6:39 pm

It was the middle of the night and everyone was sleeping except Daniel. He put pillows together then, Daniel put on his Stalker Suit and got his Kantana and strapped it around his back. He got some food and supplies and put it in his pack and hopped on the window and looked back to see if anyone was following him and jumped out.

He snuck past Guards looing to see when they passed by to sneak pass them and walked silently. When he got through the City he ran to catch the Boat that was leaving. He caught up to it using Water Bending to boost his jump and snuck onto the ship. He went behind Boxes and went to a Cage with a Sleeping Snow Leopard. He went into the Cargo Bay and dropped in, he hid in a Box that he could sit in.

The ship headed towards the Earth Nation, he realized there was no turning back now that he was already on the Ship. He sat and went to sleep feeling a bit sorry for what he did. He would soon look for a Master to teach him Earth Bending, he wanted to learn the Art because he thought it was Great.

He dreamed of being the Avatar knowing all Four Elements. He dreamed of defeating the Fire Nation himself years ago. He wished he had a a form of Power that was Greater than any force in the World. It was only a dream, it wouldn't come true. He waited and slept as he and the boat traveled to the Earth Nation.
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PostSubject: Re: Escaping to the Earth Nation (Traveling Topic)   Thu Jul 15, 2010 11:12 pm

Riley was in her bedroom. Sleeping. Riley woke up with a jolt. Riley went to her brothers room. And saw the bed was full, but Riley patted the bed, and took out PILLOWS! Riley searched the whole castle, no Daniel.

Riley got on her outfit, and her hair tie. Riley snuck passed the guards. Riley looked every where for Daniel. Riley then figured he left. Riley felt alone. Daniel, had run off. Her parents dead.

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Escaping to the Earth Nation (Traveling Topic)
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