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 Traveling in The Southern Water Tribe

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Traveling in The Southern Water Tribe Empty
PostSubject: Traveling in The Southern Water Tribe   Traveling in The Southern Water Tribe EmptyMon Jul 19, 2010 11:26 pm

Traveling through a small forest Apollo walked slowly. He had come to the southern water tribe in hopes of finding his sister. She was a waterbender trying to hone her natural talent and he thought she might be here. "Oh well, I guess she's in the Northen tribe. Geez I must have searched the entire southern Hemisphere.". He stopped and sat aginst a tree restng hs back and feet for a moment. It was snowing lightly and the trees provided little cover. HE suddenly felt a chill run up his spin. He often got those chills when he was younger when hs sister was doing something stupid or hurt. As he got the chill the snow falling began to increase and the air got slightly cooler. HE stood and looked around. He glanced ast the ground and noticed the snow there was ever so slightly inchng in one direction, and as he looked up at the fallng snow, it seemed to be pulled in a certin direction. He decided to head that way, just n case. If not his sister maybe there was something behind this weather whch he would like to get them to change. He preferred something a bit warmer. So he headed off picking up his pace a bit.
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Traveling in The Southern Water Tribe
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